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JordanKyser's News

Posted by JordanKyser - 1 month ago

Main Topic: Lost in Space

This is my main focus for music for the next couple months or so. I have planned 3 more chapters, and I AM FINALLY FINISHED! (Just to be clear... I already have 17 chapters, so add 3... that makes 20!)

Topic One: Monthly Supporter

I know it is a bit late to announce it now, but (apparently) I had gotten monthly supporter status. I am still trying to figure out my new name. I want to finally rename myself RealGDJK like I have on a lot of other sites.

Topic Two: NGADM/NGUAC Thoughts/Reflections

I did not make either this year, but I would like to put in my two cents about both.

Thoughts and Reflections on NGUAC 2019

I know how I made it in last year, but I bet my main problem was the repetition. I will have to worry about the repetition next year.

Thoughts and Reflections on NGADM 2019

I was selected to be one of the Tier 2 Backup people. I used the same entry for both competitions, so I do not know anything else to say about that. I thought it was a good idea to do backups (even though I did not fill in).

Topic Three: Current Song Projects

Finally... we get to what I (or we... depending on how many people) have been working on.

In Progress

Lost in Space Chapter 18: Final Moments

This is the second collaboration with @HenyxNATO for Lost in Space and our second collaboration overall. We have no set deadline for this, but we are planning on finished this around the end of this month.

Adventurous (NGRMC 2019)

Yes... I am entering the second NGRMC this year. I have learned a lot from the first NGRMC, so I am hoping to apply what I learned into this year's NGRMC. However, instead of making an electronic song, I am planning on making something along the line of a orchestral hybrid.


Lost in Space Chapters 19 and 20

I am just putting these here (and in one spot) because I have already announced them in this post. After the 20th chapter of the song is finished, all that is left is to do the story and all should be set!


Posted by JordanKyser - July 16th, 2019

Main Topic: My thoughts on AIM '19

I had a lot of fun while participating in this year's Art-Inspired Music contest, and I also was chosen as one of the runner-ups for my song A Dreadful Space Journey! I would also like to congratulate all of the winners and other runner-ups!

Topic One: A Very Big Announcement

With Lost in Space coming to a close soon, I had made a little thing on YouTube a few days ago about a very special announcement about this big project:

Anyways, I did not think that this would actually happen, but it may actually happen!

Topic Two: NGADM and NGUAC

I have used my AIM entry as my NGADM entry and my NGUAC entry. I could not make anything at the time, so I decided to use my better AIM entry. Also, good luck to everybody else participating in the two contests!

Topic Three: Current Song Projects

Okay... this one will be a bit weird this time around...

In Progress

Crazy Thoughts 2: Crazier Thoughts

I have been working on this time to time, so this may come out very soon.

As for any other current projects, I am not going to explicitly mention about any of my other projects I am working on, but I am working on two secret music projects as of this post.


Lost in Space Chapter 17: The Battle of Humanity

This will be a very big collaboration between @Lamby07 and @TheFantasticZ and I as part of a three-person collab. This is planned to be a big climactic project, so stay tuned as this project progresses!


Posted by JordanKyser - June 30th, 2019

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I joined Newgrounds. I never thought I would stay this long, but I have!

Let’s check what I have done for the past 3 years…

Well dang. 336 songs were made in just 3 years. I have no idea what I was thinking. My 350th song is coming up quickly, but I do not know when since I do a song in as little as a week now (there have now been times where I have not been doing music).

The First Year

To start, I did not have an actual DAW to use (which is kind of disappointing). I was scouted after I had done the (very crappy) remixes of Death Moon and Reanimate (two very popular songs in Geometry Dash, at the time). After a while, I started fiddling around with LMMS and FL Studio Mobile, deciding which one to stick with. I was messing around with LMMS since later 2016. I had done a few experiments (most of which involved just doing very little), and then I made the songs in Simplistic (most of which is in LMMS). In March 2017, I had randomly made a song that really took a long toll on my reputation, which was Dubstep Machine. It is my most hated yet most listened song (with over 29,000 views). Shortly afterwards, I had run into ELEPS’s music when he had made a remix of my song Dubstep Machine. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of his music, and I am continuing to see his music production evolve as every song is made. Later in 2017, I began fiddling around with FL Studio Mobile, and then came Strong Force, which was my best song at the time.

Year 2

Shortly after joining Chips Compo, I was able to create more music, but I had a major downside. One person that I have stuck with since I joined (and left) Chips was TheFantasticZ. We had ran into each other and made Plasma Sword. For the period of time I was with the Chips Compo, I could never seem to fix the mixing of my songs. Nevertheless, I had a great time there, and I learned a few things (I never applied a lot of the knowledge until a lot later). I had done a lot of things in this year. I had also reached 200 songs during my second year. In May 2018, I had started my biggest project called Lost in Space.

Year 3

When July 2018 came around, I was so surprised to see myself in the NGUAC Knock-out round for the first time. I also decided to make my knock-out entry for NGUAC as the 10th song of Lost in Space. There was a big halt in the project (Chapter 15 for music, Chapter 11 for the story). During the latter part of the last month of 2018, I had made A Nightmare in Disguise as my 300th song. I was very shocked to find out how fast I was making music, but I never focused to mix a lot of my earlier songs. I had also tried AIM for the first time in May. I wanted to make my first impression there, with two songs, one cinematic song and one electronic song. In early June 2019, I decided to try to revive my “Lost in Space” project, which has been a success so far. I lost a lot of people who wanted to help, so I had to do it by myself (which was quite difficult). New Beginnings also begin early in the year as a set of new experiments to see what I can do now compared to my first year on Newgrounds.

This was just a very brief summary of my past three years, but I will be glad to talk about other topics like any sets of music not mentioned in the news post. What shall I expect in my 4th year on Newgrounds? Who knows... We will just have to wait and see!

Also, a big thank you to the following people who have helped me along the way (incomplete list):

@DEM0NW0LF @Dereks @ELEPS44 @Everratic @JessieYun @johnfn @Kirefyx @Lich @Miyolophone @Random-storykeeper @Spadezer @TheFantasticZ @TheMajician @Troisnyx @Zelgeon



Posted by JordanKyser - June 15th, 2019

Main Topic: TFZ+JK

This has been my main focus for the past week or so now, but I will shift my focus back to NGADM/NGUAC later this month. TheFantasticZ and I have changed a little bit of our plans for the remix. Instead, we both decided to remix one of each other's songs (he chose Get Ready to Fight! for his remix, I chose Gestalt for my remix).

Topic One: NGADM 2019

I have been experimenting for the past two weeks to see what I can do, and I have been stuck lately. I know NGADM has not started yet, but I have just been testing some stuff.

I have been experimenting with some stuff from my sets such as Lost in Space, Blast from the Past, and New Beginnings. I have also been taking stuff from solo songs like Spooky Space. I may create a song of more than one atmosphere like I did for The Proud Orchestra of Many Origins.

Topic Two: Current Song Projects


TheFantasticZ - Gestalt (JordanKyser Remix)

This has been one of two of my main projects to upload this next Thursday. The original song was made as TheFantasticZ's entry for AIM 2019. In return, he chose the 5th New Beginnings track of mine, Get Ready to Fight!, to remix.

Lost in Space Chapter 15: No More Running

This is the other of the two main projects I will upload this next Thursday. A lot of people really did not care for my big project Lost in Space, but I had some people want asked me what happened to this "big project". I randomly decided to go create No More Running after I had suddenly finished the Chapter 11 of the actual story.

First Hall of the Mountain King (In the Halls of the Mountain King cover)

I know this is a long title to put, but I just put the whole thing here just to clarify something very quickly. A couple of months ago, I was listening to the original song just out of the sake of being bored, but I then randomly decided to try to make a cover of it. Although it get extremely repetitive, it still has its own quirks. It says "First" because I plan to do two more covers of this song. This was is an orchestral cover of the original. I plan to do some kind of electronic cover and a fusion cover as well.


Lost in Space: The Battle of Humanity

The exact chapter is unknown, but it is expected to start soon. This is planned to be a big collaboration with @TheFantasticZ and @Lamby07. This may take a while because our times of being active are different, but they do overlap sometimes.

NGADM 2019 Entry

I had already mentioned this, but I put it here anyways. I have no name for it, but it is just planned.


Posted by JordanKyser - May 14th, 2019

Main Topic: NGADM/NGUAC 2019

I know neither have started yet, but I have already began my experiments for the two. I am trying something different for both. Unless I can be extremely confident in a few of my past projects for NGADM or NGUAC, I may not use a past project of mine if I want to actually get a good score.

Topic One: AIM 2019

I hope to upload both of my entries for AIM this Thursday. I had held them off for so long and did little with them for the past few days, so I thought it was time to share them this week while I have the time to do so.

Topic Two: Current Song Projects

In Progress

Escape from the Matrix

I have no idea what I want to do with this project. I may start a new set with this song, but I think I will be overloading myself with this set (if it happens), New Beginnings, and TFZ+JK.

Crazy Thoughts 2: Crazier Thoughts

I may upload this during the weekend when I have time. Not my best project, but I will learn to do better when I do similar projects.


Unnamed Remix (TFZ+JK Collab)

@TheFantasticZ and I were recently discussing about our remix collab for the TFZ+JK collab set. All I can say is the collab will be a remix from one of the Celeste OSTs.

Super Universe (TFZ+JK Collab)

Okay... This should be the biggest project for the TFZ+JK collab set. We have not started on it yet nor was it discussed thoroughly yet. It is planned to be based off of the past Super Space songs by @TheFantasticZ and maybe one or two of my songs.

Unnamed 180bpm TFZ+JK Collab

Like Super Universe, this one was only mentioned and not discussed. Not sure what we will do here, so we may discuss this later.


Posted by JordanKyser - April 15th, 2019

Main Topic: AIM

As of this news post, I have just started experimenting on what I am going to make for AIM this year. It will be my first year, so I hope to make a good impression.

Topic One: New Beginnings Update

One more song is set to be uploaded this Thursday (to be mentioned later in the post). I plan to do around 10 songs for New Beginnings, but that is not an official number yet.

My 6th song is set on one of my weakest points in music production... melodic drops. I will explain later.

Topic Two: Current Song Projects

In Progress

BRASS 2 (TFZ Collaboration)

This began last week along with another TFZ collaboration. Not much different from the original BRASS song we made last year, but it has new stuff in it as well.

Plasma Sword 2 (TFZ Collaboration)

This will hopefully be one of our best collabs yet. It is done both as a sequel and as a tribute to our first collab, Plasma Sword.

Crazy Thoughts 2: Crazier Thoughts

This is back in progress because I decided to focus on it a little bit more while I work with other things. I am not sure whether to put this in Random Thoughts or not, so I may hold this song off until I get a definition solution.

New Beginnings Track 6: Emotionless Adventure

This one was quite a special song for me. I won't say why until the song is uploaded this Thursday.

I intentionally made this song to test myself in one of my weakest spots... melodic drops. I am not talking about melodic dubstep, but melodic drops in general.


AIM 2019 Entry

This is planned because I have not actually started the project yet (I may tomorrow or later this week).

Posted by JordanKyser - March 25th, 2019

I know it has been over a month since my last big update, but I will try to get back to doing these...

Main Topic: TheFantasticZ Collaborations

This is will be my main focus for the next few weeks. @TheFantasticZ and I were discussing about the possibility of having a set of songs just for our collaborations. We do not mean add our old ones in. These will be comprised of completely new collabs (mostly) made from scratch.

Why are we doing this exactly?

Both TheFantasticZ and I were actually discussing about future expectations for the year of 2019. We both came to a quick agreement (I mean... very quickly) about doing a set of collaborations with each other for the next few months. Most of the songs will stay secret, but a lot of the songs that we have planned will be mentioned later in this news post.

How many songs are planned for this big project?

First off, I would say that I would consider this to be one big project as a whole. The answer to how many songs is still unknown. We have already agreed to at least 3 already (two a sequels to past collabs, one is a sequel to one of TFZ's song series).

Topic One: New Beginnings Update

So... I have not been having a lot of audience as I hoped for the first 4 songs, but I won't give up. I have my 5th song in the works right now, so I hope to surprise people (and I really mean that).

I did have two main expectations:

First: Get at least three of songs listened over 250 times.

Second: Get at least one song featured or on popular audio.

I have my first expectation reached, but I will still try to get the second expectation reached. It will be much hard due to the changes to the Audio Portal.

Topic Two: Current Song Projects

In Progress

New Beginnings Track 5: Get Ready to Fight!

This was a song that I started this past weekend. I hope to finish this week so I can upload it Thursday. Like the other New Beginnings tracks, it stands out from most of my past songs. Not only that, it also stands out from my New Beginnings tracks.

Plasma Sword 2 (TFZ+JK Collab)

Plasma Sword's much awaited sequel is finally in the works! We hope to make it much better and surprise you when it comes out! :D


Nothing much different. You can check my last news post about some planned projects already stated but not started.

Lost in Space: Chapter 15

This is now going to be in planned because I have had nobody actually give me their parts to this collaboration. I might have to seek people that will actually help me with this project.

Crazy Thoughts 2: Crazier Thoughts

Still not sure if this will be an actual project, I might wait a while until I make this.

BRASS 2 (TFZ+JK Collab)

This one was mentioned by TheFantasticZ. He has started the project already, but we won't know much about this project within the next few days or so.

Super Space 4 (TFZ+JK Collab)

I mentioned this collab to TheFantasticZ. The decision on whether to do this or not is still not made yet, so stay tuned!

Special song for 150 Fans?

Still an idea. I have 16 fans to go as of this news post. :D


Posted by JordanKyser - March 6th, 2019

Okay... I have been inactive on posting songs to Newgrounds for around 2 weeks, so let me explain before I freak people out. I am not leaving this place anytime soon, just to point that out. However, I have been inactive for songs because my next projects are taking a lot of time. I am not losing inspiration. Rather, these projects are taking so long because I have been experimenting quite a lot, and I have been either been letting the successful experimenting become actual songs, or the failed experiments may appear in the new songs as something similar.

What is the main point?

If anybody does ask this question, the main purpose is that I want to get my music out there. The problem is that I am not at a good level yet. Hopefully, these new songs will help gather new audience. I have no idea how I can do it without driving people crazy in their DMs (I prefer the old-fashioned way... I am nice like that). I have had a couple people here and there spread a few of my songs so other people can listen, which I appreciate very much. I have had only a select few promote my music via YouTube, which I also encourage as long as you link my music.

What are these new songs exactly?

Okay... Most of these songs are going to be part of a big set to be called New Beginnings. The main purpose of New Beginnings is so that I can push myself to make decent-level songs that may attract the audience in a good way (a few of my older songs that got popular got negative attention, but some people do not understand that I have completely changed my music style since then). The first song of New Beginnings will not come tomorrow, but maybe next Thursday (March 14). My fourth song for New Beginnings will be a very special one to a special somebody (whom I am collaborating with for the song). Each song so far has something unique that makes each one stand out. I may not disclose any of the names of the projects in the making for New Beginnings.

What about old projects?

Don't worry. Sets like Lost in Space and Random Thoughts will not be ending as soon as you may think. Although, Tales of Touhou will be an exception, in which I may have to open up a second set for newer Touhou-related music of mine. By incomplete projects themselves, I may either give them to somebody (who uses LMMS) or just stop the project altogether (I do not scrap a few projects for some strange reason).


Posted by JordanKyser - February 21st, 2019

Main Topic: 18th Birthday

This is actually a special news post about tomorrow. Since I usually upload things every Thursday, I decided to upload 3 special songs a day early as part of my birthday special:\

It Came from Space

Trancy Space Adventure

Happy Life

Topic One: Current Song Projects

Current Song Projects

In Progress

Lost in Space: Chapter 15

This is right now at a standstill. Not sure when we will get this moving.

Mixed Emotions 2: Nonplussed Emotions

A few months ago, I had somebody ask me about making Mixed Emotions 2. I really did not have plans on making a sequel for Mixed Emotions. As of last night, I finally started a new project called Nonplussed Emotions, which will be the sequel to Mixed Emotions.


Nothing much different. You can check my last news post about some planned projects already stated but not started.

Crazy Thoughts 2: Crazier Thoughts

Not sure if this will be an actual project, I might wait a while until I make this.

Ten (Ten Chord Progressions, One Song)

The reason why this is in planned and not in progress is because I have the main chord progressions, but I have no idea if I should actually start on the project. It might take a good while to see where the project really goes.

Special song for 150 Fans?

This is just an idea, but I think it may be a possibility.

Posted by JordanKyser - February 5th, 2019

Main Topic: New Blog Posts

Personally, I think this flows a lot better. It may take some time to get used to it though.

Topic One: Current Song Projects

In Progress

Journey to an Unknown World

This song will be a nice minor change of pace while I am back at it with the cinematic music.

Lost in Space: Chapter 15

This is will hopefully be my first successful music megacollaboration. I have had Truth 3, but that eventually failed. This will be a collaboration with @Spaceatronix @vidu3k333 (NeyraX) @thVTA (Thexta) and one other person (I can't place the name off my head at the moment). Not all may choose to collaborate, but we may need some more musicians if they choose to decline.


Random Thoughts 6: Anger Issues (Angry)

This will be part of what I discussed at the end of last year. What I hope to accomplish is a harsh cinematic, but I have to save a little bit of that intensity so I can make a more intense song for a later song for this set.

Random Thoughts 7: Heartbroken (Broken)

This was also discussion last year. It is planned to be similar to Please Don't Cry, but possibly on a more sorrowful feel (and possibly more mellow in spots).

Random Thoughts 8: Dangerous Sadism (Insane)

This will be the one that stands out the most (Crazy Thoughts already stands out as it does). It is planned to be on a more intense cinematic feel, but it also might have some elements from previous Random Thoughts.