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BEFORE WE GET TO THE MAIN POINT: Let's clear this out. I have had some confusion brought up by a few people asking me the following things:

  1. "Can you make LMMS songs for Trapped?"
  2. "Is the New Things song set our way of doing Trapped in LMMS?"
  3. "What is the difference between Trapped and New Things?"

POINT 1 ANSWER: No. Trapped is STRICTLY made in FL Studio Mobile 3. I do NOT plan to make ANY songs for Trapped via LMMS.

POINT 2 ANSWER: That is not the point of New Things. New Things is meant to be a set of songs strictly based on music I have either not obtained enoughed experienced, need practice with, or ideas that I have either not touched or failed doing.

POINT 3 ANSWER: Trapped is a set of songs strictly made in FL Studio Mobile 3. New Things is no where close to Trapped. NOW TO CLEAR THIS OUT. New Things is strictly made in LMMS, but I do, however, have a small chance of expanding that to FL Studio Mobile 3, but the chances of that happening are slim to none for now.


This part of the people is strictly about New Things. I have had some genres in mind that I have always wanted to either go make and/or return to making:

  1. Breakbeat - This may be a far reach for me, mainly because I have little knowledge about breakbeat (meaning this could be out of the question for a future song for New Things).
  2. Complextro - Before you ask about this genre, I want to make more advanced complextro in the future, but not the near future. Yes, the complextro I have made does somewhat fit the criteria of complextro music.
  3. Dubstep - This is a very hard genre for anybody who can't control their sounds properly (like me). I may come back to dubstep when other people (by "other people", I mean those who have done serious critiques on my past attempts; e.g. @AndoGDTunes@DJRadiocutter, etc.) know I am ready.
  4. Electro Swing - This is a personal favorite genre of mine. The first downside is that I have never touched this genre EVER, so I might do some quick scraps first before doing a full-blown electro swing song. The other downside is that I have heard that the amount of skill for this genre is quite variable, so how I will make my electro swing song will determine how much skill I need (I guess that is correct).
    1. I have had a suggestion to make Redo electro swing (or just in that similar feel). I may do that, but the chances are low but the chances may change.
  5. Scary Ambience/Complextro Fusion - This is a crazy combination, I know that. The thing is, for the past year, I have had somebody ask me to combine these two into one song. I may do this, but this is very unlikely.

I will hopefully add to this list as time progresses.