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It is always the difficult times that get you through the day. Use those times to do what you love.

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Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 28, 2017.


Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 28, 2017.

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Latest News


Main Topic: AIM

As of this news post, I have just started experimenting on what I am going to make for AIM this year. It will be my first year, so I hope to make a good impression.

Topic One: New Beginnings Update

One more song is set to be uploaded this Thursday (to be mentioned later in the post). I plan to do around 10 songs for New Beginnings, but that is not an official number yet.

My 6th song is set on one of my weakest points in music production... melodic drops. I will explain later.

Topic Two: Current Song Projects

In Progress

BRASS 2 (TFZ Collaboration)

This began last week along with another TFZ collaboration. Not much different from the original BRASS song we made last year, but it has new stuff in it as well.

Plasma Sword 2 (TFZ Collaboration)

This will hopefully be one of our best collabs yet. It is done both as a sequel and as a tribute to our first collab, Plasma Sword.

Crazy Thoughts 2: Crazier Thoughts

This is back in progress because I decided to focus on it a little bit more while I work with other things. I am not sure whether to put this in Random Thoughts or not, so I may hold this song off until I get a definition solution.

New Beginnings Track 6: Emotionless Adventure

This one was quite a special song for me. I won't say why until the song is uploaded this Thursday.

I intentionally made this song to test myself in one of my weakest spots... melodic drops. I am not talking about melodic dubstep, but melodic drops in general.


AIM 2019 Entry

This is planned because I have not actually started the project yet (I may tomorrow or later this week).