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Posted by JordanKyser - December 20th, 2016

I am trying to complete my album Simplistic before the end of the year, if I can. As of now, I have confirmed that Simplistic will be having more than 10 songs in it, probably my first "actual" album. The next few song names for general feels of the songs are uncertain, but the only certain thing is that particular sounds in each of them will be very similar (like some of the LB203 Basses, which I use for some leads; and some BitInvader, which I use for some dropped basses).

What I have done in 2016:

  1. Make my first audio (was hard at first, but got the hang of it at around late September when working with amplifiers and phasers (rarely used these, but I used it in my Spoken remix)
  2. Make my first audio remix (the secret for me was sampling (usually what other people do, but others just play it by ear such as Novacore, the only ones I did by ear were the third Megalovania remix and the second Death by Glamour remix and the Undertale remix)
  3. Make 10 or more fans (personally, I did not predict to see this so early, even when making my crappy (my scrap-worthy in other words, which are dramatically softer (besides Outside and Pain, they are not scrap-worthy, Pain is meant to be very soft and Outside had no compatible amplifiers to work with) than the songs from Outside to my songs from today)
  4. Advance to Level 3 or higher (noobs (I am not one) think that you get stats points from games, but you actually get stats points by rating a combination of 5 movies or games (not 5 each, 5 in all) each day prior to the next Voting Day)
  5. Make more than 50 audios (I was not supposed to do this all in 6 months, but it is almost 6 months since my first audio submission, and I am at over 70 audio submissions, lots which made it to the first page on the popular audio, one made it to the popular audio on the Audio Forum (song ID: 716773) and that does not happen often to new audiophiles/musicians/composers)
  6. Help someone get featured and/or frontpaged (many times this has happened, but my most notable is saving the movie Basement Busk, which got featured in 2 days and frontpaged in 3 days)

Goals for 2017:

  1. Make more music (any of my songs are allowed for game-use and movie-use)
  2. Make my first art projects (if I can, I have some that are a little crappy, but I will see what I can do)
  3. Make my first audio collabs (anybody else use LMMS?)
    1. I will be open as of now, send me any collab requests (must fulfill the requirement of having LMMS)
  4. Get audio featured
    1. This one is hard to do, but I will not give up for this goal. I have come so close with my second remix of Death by Glamour.
  5. Get frontpaged
    1. This will be the one of the hardest goals for me, as frontpagers are chosen by the staff (I think) and even audio will get a special notification for being frontpaged.

Posted by JordanKyser - December 12th, 2016

If you have a request for an Undertale remix/cover, please specify which Undertale OST (official soundtrack) and also state wether you want a remix or a cover. If you want a cover, please specify a name idea and/or the name of the cover, and give a song to give an idea for the cover's feel/genre.

Posted by JordanKyser - November 14th, 2016