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JordanKyser's News

Posted by JordanKyser - December 31st, 2018

This is a special post for my thoughts on how 2018 was and what I expect in 2019. Please understand that this is a LONG post, and there is a specific reason to why it is so long.


We got the songs for Chapters 13 and 14 uploaded! It has been a couple months since the song for Chapter 12 was uploaded. Chapter 15's song has been put on hold because I have to figure out how that song will work out. I have it planned as a collab with at least 3 people. A future Lost in Space song will be a collab with all of the side story writers (I don't have it planned for Chapter 16, but somewhere around that chapter).

Story-wise, the ninth chapter has yet to begin. I have it put on hold so I can have a little break. The break should not last too long, but I will hopefully get back to the story within the next month if I can.


I am looking over the whole year, and I am choosing the top 10 of my songs that were the best. 

10. Technotrancy Beats

This is the only trance song that I put on my top 10 best songs. Most of this song was made in one sitting (around 70% of it was made until I took a break). I pushed myself a little bit when I made this song even though there was no contest for it to be a part of. Regardless, it has gotten a lot of positive criticism.

9. Joyride to Space

This song was a rather weird song for me when I first made it. I placed it in the top ten because of how I made this without a limiter. This was one of the first songs I made without a limiter (one of the crazy songs at least).

8. Please Don't Cry

This is the saddest piece I have ever made. I did make a song before joining NG (even before sharing my music) called Pain, but Please Don't Cry has a more sorrowful feel than Pain.

7. A Revolutionary War of America/A Confederate Declaration of War

These two were songs that stand out from most of the rest that I have made ever. They go along with An Early Age Ceremony of the Native and A Colonial Age Ceremony of War in that they were songs I made to tell a part of history.

6. The Proud Orchestra of Many Origins

This was rather a very recent song, but I did think that it belonged here. I have done a lot of orchestral music before, but I have not done a song like this before. It was for the NGAP BINGO Contest this year.

5. A New Day, A New Time To Shine

This song was rather unexpected at first, but I had to make the song.
HERE IS A FUN FACT: Before I was making the song, I was in such a good mood, I was thinking "why not make a song about a very happy day?" So... that is how this song was made. I started making the song on November 10 this year. I have never had so much making a song in a LONG while!

4. Abandoned Hope

This is the only collab I put in the top 10. It was a collab with the amazing @OfficialHenyx and we both did an amazing job making this song! 

3. Spooky Space

This was a song that I made as a part of Halloween this year. It was another one of my songs that stood out from most of my songs. It was possibly the eeriest song I have made this year, with A Nightmare Disguise coming in as a close . I loved making the song, and I hope to make something similar to it next year.

2. The Dangerous Path to Home

This song was my number one song until A Nightmare in Disguise. This was a weird song from the start because I never had such a combination of orchestral and synthetic music in one song. The crazy thing was that I made this without the use of samples. The whole song was made with internal LMMS plug-ins. The song itself stands out in how it sounds. When I originally made the song, I took a little bit inspiration from its prequel song, A Disastrous Escape (both part of Lost in Space).

1. A Nightmare in Disguise

I owe a lot to myself when I made this song. A lot of time was spent on this song. It had a lot of what I had done in the past. It was not just one particular genre, but it was multiple genres (orchestral, cinematic, house, dubstep) into one song. It was one of those songs that made a HUGE turn in how a made music, but this song also changed how I looked at making my music. While mixing is not my forte, I have had people tell me about the mixing in the song being pretty decent (others said it was a well made song). It was a rather long song, and I had someone tell me that the first big chunk could have been a different song, but I don't usually make different songs with the same melodies unless I have to (which is pointless to use the EXACT melody for more than one song).


Even though I have the ten songs listed above, I will also like to name a few songs that I feel were acceptable (ordered by Song ID).

BRASS (805083)

This was a collab with @TheFantasticZ early this year. It was around the same as Plasma Sword (our first collab) in terms of how we made the song.

Let's Get Swingin' (807278)

My only electro swing song that I made. It was pretty decent, but I should be able to do better on my next electro swing song (if I ever do another one, that is).

Lost in Space (starting from 807329)

I chose the set as a whole rather than just the song because the songs are different from my other songs. At the time of starting Lost in Space, that is all I could do for a very short period of time. Abandoned Hope made the list because it stood out from the rest of the songs.

Moonlight Sonata Cover (819501)

This was a cover of a song rather than an original. I was told to make this song last year, but I was not able to at the time. Doing this song was rather strange, but I liked making it in the end.

Patterns - House (829607)

This song was a rather weird song. I used the same instruments that I used in Plasma Sword (made using Organic) and my cover of Into the Backdoor (made using LB302). It was the last house song that used the so-called "nasty bass" I made in Organic before I started making A Nightmare in Disguise.


HOW MY MUSIC HAS CHANGED IN 2018: The change in my music throughout 2018 was vast compared to joining Newgrounds to the end of 2017. I hope to improve a lot more next year! :D

WHAT I WILL EXPECT IN 2019: I expect to improve a lot more in 2019. I hope to get to the point where I can be noticed a lot more than I have been this year. I also hope to see a lot more musicians to help out, mainly because I helped a lot of musicians this year.


1. Lost in Space Sequel

I was told by a few people as soon as the second chapter of the first story was finished that I should do a second Lost in Space story. I will say that I may do a sequel to the story, but I may not finish it in time. Why do I say that? You see, I am about to turn 18 years old in a couple of months, which means that I have college up ahead. With college on top of my music, I may not be so active on anything for music.

Anyways... If I can finish Lost in Space (the first story, assuming that there will be a sequel) in time, I may start doing songs for the Lost in Space sequel, but there is no guaranteed on finishing the full project.

If you want to know what is happening with Lost in Space, check out the discord link on my profile.

2. Blast from the Past (Chapters 5 to the epilouge)

I hoped to get to the present chapter with this, but at the rate I have been going, I may not finish this either. Chapter 5 was originally planned to be about 1870 to 1910, but I may change that to 1914. Along with this possible change, Chapter 6 will be 1920 to 1935, Chapter 7 will be 1939 to 1945, but I have not gotten plans for future chapters. If I can plan the next chapter swift enough, Chapter 5 can hopefully be made before Spring 2019 comes around.

3. Random Thoughts (future songs)

Unlike the two projects I have already stated, this one will be a certain. I only have at least 3 that I will plan within the first two weeks of 2019 (possibly the following (mostly likely in order): Angry, Broken, Insane). The names for the 3 future Random Thoughts that I will make don't have official names, but they should have names closely related to what kind of thought they have (like how the 3 Random Thoughts that have already been made).

4. The Mysterious Land of Gensokyo

For any of you that may not know, this will be a Touhou-based project. I don't know if I will make it a set of songs, one huge song, or both (as in a set of songs a long with a melody). I should have thought of this months ago, but I did not think that I was ready at the level I was in. I should start this as soon as the new year starts. I have talked with @ShenronMusic about a possible Touhou-based collaboration. I might make the collaboration a part of this big project, and we may do more collabs along with our main collab next year.

The plan is to make songs that are mostly original, but they are solely based on Touhou and certain characteristics of characters in Gensokyo. A lot of the songs may end up having melodies from the songs in Touhou, but there may only be a few (or even a couple) songs that will be less of an original song and more of a remix/remake/cover.

(NOTE: This is not top priority) While making this part of the news post, I was thinking about a cover art for this project. I may not need it right away, but if an artist who does cover arts for free who would be glad to do this PM me for any further discussions.

5. Patterns (future songs)

Okay, I know that doing this is a bit of nonsense, but I like to make these songs.
I have the following as possible songs for Patterns:

  • Dance (I don't do dance songs often, but it would be nice to do one again)
  • Dubstep (this one will be a nice experiment to do)
  • Electro House (I know I have done house, but this one is different from that)
  • Future Bass (a weird one compared to the rest that I have done.

I may have others to make, but the four above are the ones I may plan within the next two or three months.

6. MR. CR4ZY MU51C1AN (future songs)

I know these may not be so great to a lot of people, but I only do these just for fun. Most of these are not meant to be taken seriously. They are made like they are non-joke songs. Take them as half-serious songs, that is what I am saying (I make them as if they were serious songs, but not completely). I have at least 5 more of these songs to make because I planned to make 8 songs in all for the set.

If you read this news post, thank you for taking your time to read it. It took me quite a while to make it because I had no idea what to put at first (mainly for the first and fourth topics). I want to wish everybody a happy 2019 and many more to come! <3


Posted by JordanKyser - December 24th, 2018

...and a Happy New Year! 2018 was not really the best year for a lot of people, but I hope 2019 will bring a lot of cheer to many more! :3

Here's to 2019! :D


Posted by JordanKyser - December 13th, 2018

This post will be rather large (in number of topics) compared to most of my recent posts...


Thank you all for the support. My 300th song is now on popular audio! :D


After a long hiatus, Abandoned Hope is finally uploaded! That makes 13 chapters ready to be written (4 of which have been already).

As for the story itself, I will try to get back


Check out these three songs:

Dude, Take a Chill Pill
Not Your Average Musician
Just Your Normal Unorthodox Musician

MR. CR4ZY MU51C1AN is not over, because more songs will come in the near future!


Personally, I will find it really helpful, because I would actually like to get in touch with other musicians (mainly the unnoticed musicians). 


Posted by JordanKyser - December 6th, 2018

300 songs... man... I still cannot believe I have done that many songs in less than the 2 and a half years that I have been on Newgrounds. Some songs are better than others, especially my newer songs. For over the past year or so, I have been experimenting with a lot of things, Serum been a very recent experiment. A Nightmare in Disguise has been one of the top songs I have done (if not the best song I have ever done).


Posted by JordanKyser - November 21st, 2018

This is a special news post to announce my next three songs.


This will be a collaboration with @TheFantasticZ. We are hoping to make this our best collab yet to get a more people hyped for my 300th song!

UPLOADED: November 24, 2018

SONG 299

This was originally going to be a collaboration, but I decided that I will make one last song before fully focusing on my 300th song.

EXPECTED UPLOAD DATE: November 26 or 29, 2018


This will hopefully be one of the best songs I will have ever made, if not the best. I plan to combine old stuff with new stuff for my 300th song (as in add orchestral/ambient elements along with anything new to me).

EXPECTED UPLOAD DATE: December 6, 2018 (this will likely change)

Honestly, I feel like I make WAY TOO MUCH music. I have slowed down in how many songs I have made in a period of time, but the amount of work I put in each songs has actually increased since my big transition this past summer.


Posted by JordanKyser - November 15th, 2018

This is a post full of great announcements, so let's get to them...


With my 300th song literally being 3 songs away, my activity for music will be significantly low until then. What I am trying to accomplish is to make as great of a song as I can for my 300th song. It probably won't be a part of any of the sets of music like Random Thoughts, Lost in Space, or Patterns (or even a part of any of them at all).

The song will probably take weeks to make, if not a whole month. The amount of time I project will be put into the song will hopefully be over 75 (maybe 100+) hours. The length of the song will no doubt be over 5 or 6 minutes long (don't be surprised to see a song that is 8+ minutes).


So... Lost in Space has been at a standstill for over a month. What I am hoping for is to get Chapter 13's song finished by the end of the month and to get Chapter 5 of the story itself finished by the end of the month.


It has been a long while since I have uploaded more than one song in one day.

A New Day, A New Time to Shine
Crazy Thoughts

Just to be clear: I upload songs every Thursday for most of the time. The latest I will upload music is Monday (but a Monday upload is rare).


Posted by JordanKyser - October 25th, 2018

Let's just get to the topics...


For the first time since Strong Force X, I have had a song of mine featured. I have not had a break that long with no songs featured. Thank you all for your support!


So... I guess I could say that I am trying to be a bit more active before Christmas rolls around. The fact is that I have slowed down a lot in music activity, but I have in no ways been inactive recently on producing music. I have been spending more time on each song rather than making more songs in a said time frame.

I have had a lot of people ask me why I used to make so many songs.
Here is the truth: Last year, I always had settled while making music, and I completely ignored the fact that I did not even spend time on my music to mix. In the recent months, I have tried to spend time on mixing, but I am still bit unsure on a lot of things, but I have gotten advice on how to mix properly.


Posted by JordanKyser - October 22nd, 2018

This is a post mainly for the shoutouts, but I have other news to tell. :)


So... For the story, Chapter 4 is finished. For the music, Chapter 13 has been going very slowly. Don't worry!

What about other news of Lost in Space? As far as music goes, nothing much really. Lost in Space has been on an on and off thing for the recent weeks.


Now it is time for the first round of shoutouts! PM me if you want any shoutouts!

Seventh Dimension by DerpCat

This song by @DerpCatOfficial is one that I have liked quite a bit. The Xtrullor-like vibes flow very nicely. The last drop is my favorite part of the song.

The Abyss by Three Dimensions Apart (Chliz)

This song by @Chliz is one that I have liked a lot. The fact that it is a dance song with a dubsteppy twist gives it a much better sound, not to mention that the mixing is quite well done.


Posted by JordanKyser - September 27th, 2018

This one is rather random compared to the past few posts.


Story: I official finished the third chapter of the Lost in Space story earlier this week.

Music: The 13th chapter of the main Lost in Space story will hopefully be a collaboration with @OfficialHenyx but no word from him yet.


I have gotten a request about doing Q&A post. The answer is maybe. I have not planned one before, so I may not know what to do at first. Got questions to ask about me? You can PM me through Discord or Newgrounds.


After uploading Technotrancy Beats, I only have 8 more songs, and then song after that will be the 300th song. Quite a busy milestone if you ask me.

@TestUser472 had already questioned the decline in my music activity, but, in fact, my music activity is more or less of the same. I have been spending more time in producing than I usually do (mainly with trying to grasp on mixing/mastering the best I can).


I have gotten a question a few months ago about using my music.

Here is my answer: As long as you credit me for any of my music you use, I am completely fine with it.


Posted by JordanKyser - September 6th, 2018

exhales... The past two or so weeks have been quite a whirlwind because of school, but that seems to have not stopped me that much from making some music! Speaking of music, let's check out why I have been doing lately...


This year is the first annual Newgrounds Remix Competition, also known as NGRMC. It is a competition that is hosted by @Zophar and is an amazing competition, so DON'T MISS OUT YOU HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER 1ST! Here is the thread for everything you need to know about NGRMC.

Here is the playlist that I decided to make for Zophar, because why not.

Here is my NRGMC entry!


I am estatic to announce that chapters 1 and 2 of the story HAVE FINALLY BEEN FINISHED!!!! A huge thanks to @Lamby07 who had both some direct and indirect inspiration given to me. (and we were only talking about his side story ;P)

Anyways, the discord group has double over the weekend, and we can gladly use a lot more! Please like here for the Discord group whether you are a musician, animator, or simply an artist.

As for music-related news for Lost in Space, @TheFantasticZ is around his second chapter, and our collab is still yet to come! Although the plans may change a little bit, but the hopes are still on having it on both the main story and his side story! :D


It was not that long ago since I did A Revolutionary War of America.

Well... Stay tuned for the fourth chapter, set to take place in the Civil War...

The music has gotten crazier, the song will have more movements, and much more!

Just remember, for those of you that have listened to the other three songs, I still don't plan to use anything synthetic.