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Personally, I love the animations. I would love to see more of her!
Although, I know the pain of those stubborn computer updates, so I can completely understand that feeling after a power outage. >:(

PenguinPotential responds:

Glad you liked it, Jordan! More Aya coming your way soon~ I usually animate her using shorter GIFs and post them in the Art section, so feel free to check those out if you want ^^

This is majestic! Unbelieveble! Outstanding! No word can completely describe such perfection! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!! :D

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This song is very dramatic and it holds its energy very well throughout the song, especially after the break in the middle. My favorite part is the big section at 3:21 to the end.

For some reason, I like this version more than the original version (it may the energy it has at the second half of the song), but they are both very great.

The vocals are well-mixed (nothing much else to say about the vocals). The build-up is not like most that I have heard (not just for dubstep, but for any electronic music genre for that matter). The first drop is quite interesting, as I am more used to the usual "half time" feel instead of the groove you used. The second and third segments of the first drop are quite interesting (changes a lot, while transitioning quite well). The final part of the first drop feels with the soft section that follows. The second build-up feels more normal, but still has the same characteristics as the first build-up (nothing wrong with that at all). Can't say much about the second drop as it is not too much different from the first drop, but I can hear the differences (more notably the transition between the second and third segments). Overall, this seems like an interesting take on dubstep. Instead of using the normal groove for the drops, you went for a more "hands up" type of groove (but faster).

In my opinion, there should be more dubstep songs like this. Brings more variety to dubstep in general.

Holy cow it has been a while!

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Nicely done! ;) ;3

You make good art when you are bored, I make good music when I am bored. XD
We have our moments from time to time.

BittStar responds:

What sort of music do you make?

I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM and orchestral music. I also sometimes do dubstep.

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