To anybody who uses FL Studio Mobile 3

2017-03-18 09:30:26 by JordanKyser

I am in another musician block again, and I am thinking of doing my first collab (or collabs) with anybody who uses FL Studio Mobile 3. I don't want to start from scratch (if we do, please do your part first, and make it within 2 days for my pleasure), as I ca't get any fresh ideas out of my head properly. As I did with Dubstep Machine, I found out that to cure my musician block, I just collaborated with someone who wants to have a collab. Please PM me your unfinished FL Studio Mobile 3 song files (this is so I can put my part in it) if you want to have a collab with me. I apologize if I have confused anybody. If my musician block goes away before my first FL Studio Mobile collab, I will still accept those so don't worry.


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2017-03-20 13:27:51

hOI! Uuuuuuum what if i only have a regular FL, is that cool?
...cause i loooooove killing blocks of aaaaaalll kinds and i'd be haaaappy to kill yours too.

JordanKyser responds:

It depends on whether you have 12.4 or not. I will try to figure something out here. I will let you know if something comes up. ;)


2017-03-20 16:35:23

eeeeh i stopped updating it loong ago but we could just bounce midi and audio between the programs anyway. or just keep it simple, for example i could write a midi melody and just send it to you, it would work regardless of the programs and any others scary spooks

JordanKyser responds:

That could work. I have actually tried that before (that is how the first half of Outside 2 was made).


2017-03-20 17:22:15

I use FL studio mobile 3. If you want me to do a collab with you, message me back :)

JordanKyser responds:

Once you have your part ready or if you have an unfinished project and you are in a musician's block, send it to me via PM with a link to where I can download it (preferably MediaFire). If dubstep is used in your part, I might do very little tweaking (if any, I don't do that much dubstep). If it is the second case (like if you can't think of anything to add on), I can see what I can do to finish it (I promise to credit you).


2017-03-21 04:08:02

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2017-05-13 08:38:05

They have a mobile version?

JordanKyser responds:

Yep. The mobile version is only 10% of the price, but the amount you work with makes you think that it should be worth 4 times as much (a lot of the Sytrus (most of which are purchasable) presets are in the mobile version).