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News Update 8/18/2019

Posted by JordanKyser - 1 month ago

Main Topic: Lost in Space

This is my main focus for music for the next couple months or so. I have planned 3 more chapters, and I AM FINALLY FINISHED! (Just to be clear... I already have 17 chapters, so add 3... that makes 20!)

Topic One: Monthly Supporter

I know it is a bit late to announce it now, but (apparently) I had gotten monthly supporter status. I am still trying to figure out my new name. I want to finally rename myself RealGDJK like I have on a lot of other sites.

Topic Two: NGADM/NGUAC Thoughts/Reflections

I did not make either this year, but I would like to put in my two cents about both.

Thoughts and Reflections on NGUAC 2019

I know how I made it in last year, but I bet my main problem was the repetition. I will have to worry about the repetition next year.

Thoughts and Reflections on NGADM 2019

I was selected to be one of the Tier 2 Backup people. I used the same entry for both competitions, so I do not know anything else to say about that. I thought it was a good idea to do backups (even though I did not fill in).

Topic Three: Current Song Projects

Finally... we get to what I (or we... depending on how many people) have been working on.

In Progress

Lost in Space Chapter 18: Final Moments

This is the second collaboration with @HenyxNATO for Lost in Space and our second collaboration overall. We have no set deadline for this, but we are planning on finished this around the end of this month.

Adventurous (NGRMC 2019)

Yes... I am entering the second NGRMC this year. I have learned a lot from the first NGRMC, so I am hoping to apply what I learned into this year's NGRMC. However, instead of making an electronic song, I am planning on making something along the line of a orchestral hybrid.


Lost in Space Chapters 19 and 20

I am just putting these here (and in one spot) because I have already announced them in this post. After the 20th chapter of the song is finished, all that is left is to do the story and all should be set!