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I am a musician who does early-2000s style EDM and orchestral music. I also sometimes do dubstep.

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News Update 6/15/2019

Posted by JordanKyser - June 15th, 2019

Main Topic: TFZ+JK

This has been my main focus for the past week or so now, but I will shift my focus back to NGADM/NGUAC later this month. TheFantasticZ and I have changed a little bit of our plans for the remix. Instead, we both decided to remix one of each other's songs (he chose Get Ready to Fight! for his remix, I chose Gestalt for my remix).

Topic One: NGADM 2019

I have been experimenting for the past two weeks to see what I can do, and I have been stuck lately. I know NGADM has not started yet, but I have just been testing some stuff.

I have been experimenting with some stuff from my sets such as Lost in Space, Blast from the Past, and New Beginnings. I have also been taking stuff from solo songs like Spooky Space. I may create a song of more than one atmosphere like I did for The Proud Orchestra of Many Origins.

Topic Two: Current Song Projects


TheFantasticZ - Gestalt (JordanKyser Remix)

This has been one of two of my main projects to upload this next Thursday. The original song was made as TheFantasticZ's entry for AIM 2019. In return, he chose the 5th New Beginnings track of mine, Get Ready to Fight!, to remix.

Lost in Space Chapter 15: No More Running

This is the other of the two main projects I will upload this next Thursday. A lot of people really did not care for my big project Lost in Space, but I had some people want asked me what happened to this "big project". I randomly decided to go create No More Running after I had suddenly finished the Chapter 11 of the actual story.

First Hall of the Mountain King (In the Halls of the Mountain King cover)

I know this is a long title to put, but I just put the whole thing here just to clarify something very quickly. A couple of months ago, I was listening to the original song just out of the sake of being bored, but I then randomly decided to try to make a cover of it. Although it get extremely repetitive, it still has its own quirks. It says "First" because I plan to do two more covers of this song. This was is an orchestral cover of the original. I plan to do some kind of electronic cover and a fusion cover as well.


Lost in Space: The Battle of Humanity

The exact chapter is unknown, but it is expected to start soon. This is planned to be a big collaboration with @TheFantasticZ and @Lamby07. This may take a while because our times of being active are different, but they do overlap sometimes.

NGADM 2019 Entry

I had already mentioned this, but I put it here anyways. I have no name for it, but it is just planned.