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With exactly 50% of the votes, song contest has the winning choice, so I will host a song contest. I have not done anything like this before, so I will hope this does go well. Here are my rules for the contest:

  • Use this tag for any entries: truth3mcsongentry
    • If you don't use this tag, then your song will not be on the list. You can re-add the 
  • Length of the song: 2 minutes to 8 minutes
  • Genre of the song: whatever you choose, I will let you be yourself here, but you can try to push yourself for this one if you want to do so
  • I may allow past entries, but this does not mean do all of them
  • Limit per person: 3 per person
  • Are collabs allowed? Yes, but if this is the case, your song will be counted as one spot for your collab in my megacollab.


I will announce the top 5 songs next year. THE DEADLINE IS JANUARY 1ST, 2018.


Okay, there won't be just these 5 spots for the megacollab. Everybody that I have collabed with before will be given a free spot to the megacollab. These may also choose to participate if they wish to. Those people include:

This being said, there will be 5 spots for the contest, plus 5 spots for these people (plus one more for Texxiliator).

Alright, that is it! Let's get to creating! ;)

Truth 3 MC strawpoll is up

2017-11-04 13:21:10 by JordanKyser

I have gotten three ideas for it. Any ideas being commented will be tallied and/or put on a new poll.


SONG CONTEST - Self-explanatory. Top 5 will be given a spot for my MC.

IMMEDIATE INVITATIONS - Only a select few will be PM'd an invitation.

REMIX CONTEST - Remix any of my songs to enter. Top 5 will be given a spot for my MC.

Truth 3 MC Ideas

2017-11-01 19:12:12 by JordanKyser

I am having trouble figuring out what to do for this, but I want to keep it going fresh. What should I do for my Truth 3 MC? Should I go ahead send out invites? Should I do the original plan and do a song contest? I have no certain idea, so what should I do for this?

I have created a strawpoll for you guys:

So it has been a great year for NG so far, so let's talk about the topics for this news post:


So I did not make it, but I am not mad about it either. I can always try again next year when it comes! I have improved a lot since Strong Force, so I will have a better chance of getting in! ^-^


My new song set is called "X". It will be consisting of reconstructions of early songs I have made in the past and make them brand new. Here is an example for what I have to do:


Right now, the plan is to finish my collab with @Skiddle and then we can discuss more details about my Truth 3 MC. The plan has not changed yet, but I am still hoping to do a song contest for Truth 3, but I will not accept entries for the contest.

2018 NEWS

With 2017 coming to a close, I wil make a 2017 tribute song within the next month. Check out my 2016 tribute here:

And so with that being said, you may have noticed that I made so many Touhou songs:
Well, I like the music and I will not stop remaking them. :D
I might have gotten a bit downhill with these songs, mainly because I haven't been able to get back into them, but don't worry, a lot more of these are in the coming months. ^-^


I have submitted my entry for Dubstep Wars 2017, and here it is:
Not hoping to win, I am just entering to try something new, and I may do a second entry for Dubstep Wars, if that is allowed.



2017-10-20 12:08:18 by JordanKyser

I just reached 200 audio submissions on Newgrounds! For my 200th submission, I decided to make a very special song to celebrate such a milestone. :D



2017-10-20 12:08:12 by JordanKyser

I just reached 200 audio submissions on Newgrounds! For my 200th submission, I decided to make a very special song to celebrate such a milestone. :D



2017-10-15 08:07:32 by JordanKyser

I was checking one of my songs when I foudn out I got a message from somebody, so I check who it is from, and it says I got User of the Day! :D :D

For the next months, I will be very busy music-wise. Here is what I have planned:


I have another collaboration in progress. I was asked to do a collab with Skiddle a few weeks back, and we are working on it as we speak. Unlike the other collabs I have done, there may be a chance for this song to have three parts instead of one continuous part or two parts.


With @johnfn curreently working with CHIPS X until Sunday, this will be, no doubt, the **BIGGEST** Chips Compo for us. Please come join us on CHIPS here:

**TRUTH 3 MC**

Now for the biggest talk for this post, my first megacollab!! More news will be said later about this, so stay tuned :D

**2018 NEWS**

Stay tuned for 2018, which is just around the corner. More will be said later. :D

I just come to say good madness day to all! I do have a madness track in the works for you all! I did not do so well compared to other madness tracks, but at least I did my best on it! ^-^

I can't show you the track until more than a week from now since it is a part of CHIPS VIII hosted by @johnfn (I can't post it yet because it will spoil who made it on CHIPS).

A big thanks to @StingyRetrazado for being my 50th fan! Now to go for a bigger milestone, 100 fans! :D