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I am in another musician block again, and I am thinking of doing my first collab (or collabs) with anybody who uses FL Studio Mobile 3. I don't want to start from scratch (if we do, please do your part first, and make it within 2 days for my pleasure), as I ca't get any fresh ideas out of my head properly. As I did with Dubstep Machine, I found out that to cure my musician block, I just collaborated with someone who wants to have a collab. Please PM me your unfinished FL Studio Mobile 3 song files (this is so I can put my part in it) if you want to have a collab with me. I apologize if I have confused anybody. If my musician block goes away before my first FL Studio Mobile collab, I will still accept those so don't worry.

Thank you all for making my song Dubstep Machine as my first top feature in Newgrounds!!!! As a thank you, listen to my technostep masterpiece:


2017-03-02 06:41:03 by JordanKyser

This morning, I open up my computer, only to find out that my remix of Viking Arena has gotten featured!!!!!!!! I knew I could accomplish it if I tried hard enough. Now I will try get one of my songs frontpaged.

I am hosting a dubstep contest with my song Vocoded ( and the best will have a collab with me, but this only applied to those who use LMMS. I am thinking of bending the rules some. I will now let anyone try to dubstep any of my non-remix songs. I have four songs already remix-ready and dubstep-ready (, any others I will try to convert to PDFs for anybody to use for remixes/dubstep by PM request (or by MIDI files if I don't have the XML files, but this will take half an hour to a few hours, unless the songs were made with FL Studio Mobile as those will take a few minutes). The dubstep entries still apply here:

Remix requests

2017-02-13 18:39:00 by JordanKyser

If you want me to remix your music, please send me the following:
- Midi files for each instrument
- Any drum rhythms
- Presets (if possible, mainly to LMMS musicians)

Through late May, I will be less active on Newgrounds due to exams at school, but my activity will only diminish progressively rather than a sudden change of activity. On the week containing May 9th and May 12th, I may not even be on Newgrounds due to very special exams I have to take. On the brighter side, until the exams I may upload some music just to keep the feeling that I have not left. But after May 23th, my activity on Newgrounds should return to normal afterwards, if not after May 12th. Don't worry, I will be back sooner or later.

(This was posted on mobile)

I am working on an ambient song similar to my song Pain, but it will be roughly a quarter of that length. I am also working on a dubstep remix in which I am finishing up to upload to Newgrounds. I don't do well on dubstep so don't expect anything great (implies to the dubstep fans).

Now accepting Profile Pic/Avatar requests!

2017-01-28 18:53:58 by JordanKyser

You may drop your thoughts/request below. I have a list of people below for who I have done one for (pictures included).


  1. FGK2015
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  1. FirePowerX
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  2. Texxiliator

Now on Bandcamp!

2017-01-16 10:47:46 by JordanKyser

I am officially on Bandcamp! I will upload some music there in the process. I am thinking of doing Soundcloud as well!

I've got a challenge

2017-01-15 12:54:57 by JordanKyser

I challenge anybody who wants to do a remix of any of my songs. You may submit more than one entry for this challenge (I have nothing against it).

Here are the required things needed for your remixes:

  • must put this tag to submit your entries: remixforjk (the tag should exactly say this or else it won't work)
  • it must get at least 100 plays and/or 10 downloads
  • you must be scouted (I think this is obvious)
    • if you think this is an oppurtunity to get me to scout you, then I can't do that (in other words, do not ask to be scouted and someone may scout you besides me)
  • collabs are right now questioned (I will be lenient on some collab remixes, some may need my confirmation)
  • you must add me as the original author (if you don't know how, go to Credits & Roles)
  • add the original song (go to Credits & Roles)

If you are still confused on anything, please say so below.